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The Bank security service is provided by a combination of both men guard and security integrated system. Banks are most targeted by criminals because of high rewards.

The presence of large quantities of cash and other valuable is the temptation of the thieves. Moreover, the modern technology that banks have now incorporated is also venerable for stealing, hacking, and illegally transferring funds, etc.

Bank security staff should be aware of the threat that the bank has been facing and be prepared to deal with it. Corporate banks have a strict security procedure that comes with the level of access. Not all bank staff or the visitor and vendor can access everyplace.

To prevent access to the confidential information and value from the hands of the unauthorized person, bank management team, established the access control policy that includes three security zones;

Bank security Service in three zones

  • OPZ – the outer public zone
  • IPZ – the inner public zone
  • PZ – the private zone

The security staff may permit to access all three zones or limit to certain zones specifically private zone. It is necessary to know where you are allowed and where you are not.

  1. Outer public zone (OPZ);

It is the first layer of protection for the bank, generally defines the outer space of the structure, where the general public can access easily. To secure the outer public zones the physical security measures are implemented.

Feature of the outer public zones;

  • Access allowed to the public
  •  monitor through the bank security control room, including coverage of:
    • Road
    • Parking areas
    • Footpaths
    • ATMs
  • Security staff may conduct patrols to secure the area.

The physical security measure in “OPZ’

    • Hostile vehicle mitigation bollards
    • CCTV monitoring
    • Security lighting
    • Landscape design
    • Presence of Security staff
    • Rules of entry signposted to increase CCTV monitoring effectiveness e.g.
      • No motorcycle helmets to be worn
      • No sunglasses worn

2.  Inner public zone (IPZ):

This is the second layer of bank protection, where bank customers and staff are able to access it.

  • Lobby
  • Customer service reception
  • Cash teller counter
  • Queues
  • Staff offices/cubicles
  • Internal ATM installations

The physical security measure in ”IPZ”

  • Security staff
  • Teller counter barriers
  • Clear lines of sight into the IPZ from outside
    • Reduces ability to commit crime unnoticed from outside
    • Increases public awareness of what is happening inside the bank
  • Greeting staff (Security or bank staff)
    • Visual screening of persons entering the bank
    • Able to interpret non-verbal communications on intent
  • CCTV
  • Silent alarms
  • Exit control

3. Private zone (PZ);

This is the third and most important layer of bank security where only the approved individual could access. It’s a critical part of bank security because failure leads to losing millions of costs.

  • Cash drawers behind the teller counter
  • Vaults and Safes
  • Cash cage
  • Management offices
  • Security control room
  • Maybe full-sized security control room or;
  • Maybe a small installation for remote monitoring from a central operations
  • Networked CCTV equipment
  • Integrated security and building management systems e.g.
      • Security alarms
      • Access and exit controls
      • Fire panels
      • HVAC monitoring

The physical security measure in “PZ”

  • Security staff
  • Trained bank staff
    • Security policies and procedures
    • Threat response training
  • Access control e.g.
    • Key card, PIN entry, Keys, Biometric access, Dual key entry
  • Bullet resistant screens (teller counter)
  • High-security vault
  • Security cash boxes with;
    • Dye packs for identification of stolen cash
    • GPS trackers
  • Bait cash
    • Pre-recorded serial numbers for tracing of stolen cash

What are the duties of the bank security guard?

A vigilant and professional security guard can detect and deter crimes. There are two types of bank security guard duties;

  1. Primary duty
  2. Secondary duty

Primary Duties of a bank security guard;

  1. Protection of property, people, and information 
  2. Detection and prevention of criminal activity through;
    • Screening of all persons entering within the OPZ and IPZ
    • Liaising with CCTV operators
  3. Detection and reporting of suspicious behavior e.g.
    • Possible hostile surveillance
    • Targeting of bank customers
    • ATM fraud and tampering
  4. Response to safety and security incidents including;
    • Fire (lockdown and evacuation)
    • Security systems failure
    • Medical emergencies
    • Aggressive and abusive customers
    • Attempts at robbery
  5. Securing the site of a crime scene 
  6. Handling witnesses and evidence
  7. Cooperation with Police, firefighter
  8. Cooperation with CIT crews
  9. Visual search of each person e.g.
    • Clothing is worn appropriate to the situation
    • Bags or cases
    • Unusual shapes under clothing
    • Walking in an unusual way to conceal items
  10. Reading of a person‟s body language 
    • Sweating
    • Hyper alert
    • Fidgeting and nervous
    • Fixed vision on a target area within the bank
  11. Welcoming and engaging in conversation 
    • Get a feel for customer intention
    • Potential to identify trouble before it begins

2. Secondary duties; of bank security;

  • Providing customer service
    • Ability to screen and profile people entering the bank
    • Get to know regular customers and identify changes in behavior
  • Direct movements within the bank e.g.
    • The flow of customers to banking offices/cubicles/teller counter

What kinds of bank crimes might occur?

The bank faces several types of security threats to its valuable and cashes. The bank security service measures are vital for detecting and deterring crime. There are three types of bank threats.

  1. Deliberate targeting
  2. Insider threat
  3. Crimes of opportunity

Deliberate targeting 

  • Armed robbery 
    • With a weapon
    • or With the threat of a weapon
    • With a note passed to the teller
  • Small theft
    • Pickpocketing
    • Personal belongings e.g. handbag
  • Bomb threat
  • ATM crimes
    • Card copying
    • PIN theft
    • False CIT crews/maintenance
    • Customer robbery
  • Hostage-taking
  • Tiger kidnap
    • Crimes committed by an unwilling person who‟s loved ones are held by criminals
  • Cheque fraud and theft 
  • Identify fraud and theft 
  • Fraudulent SMS posing as official bank communications e.g. 
    • Requesting reply with customer details
    • Account information and PINs
  • System hacking

Internal treat;

  • Transferring funds from long unused customer accounts into personal accounts
  • Assisting physical robberies with insider information and access
  • Collection and release of personal customer information
    • This has been used to gain access to customer accounts and transfer funds illegally

The crime of opportunities;

The bank also provides opportunities for unplanned crime, security staff should aware of it and work for reducing the opportunities and attractiveness to commit the crime.

  • Customers counting large sums of cash
    • The potential criminal may follow the customer to rob them
  • ID documents left on the counter or waiting areas
  • The customer left the ATM when the cash is processing to dispense. (Technical fault of the machine)
    • The second person may take the dispensed cash away.

Wrapping up: The security guard who will provide the bank security service should be aware of the bank’s specific policies and possible threats. Most banks needed experienced security personnel, because, experienced is the key to the knowledge which helps them to perform duties efficiently. Bank security service provides under the complex environment, so, don’t compromise security procedures all the time.

Advance Security Course

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