Difference between security guard vs security officer.

security guard vs. security officer

Many people get confused when they hear the security officer and the security guard. The general public assumes that these are different names of a similar position. It is absolutely wrong because both are different occupations and there is a vast difference between a security guard vs. security officer in terms of many factors.

As we know in developing countries, people say security guards, but in developed countries, you might hear people call security officers. From this point of view, we can make it clear that the civilian people think two words about the same thing.

Although the security guard and security officer have the same responsibilities including the protection of people, properties, and information there are differences in the pay, responsibility, requirements, and experiences.

Here in this post, I would explain the basic differences between the security guards and security officers in the private security industries in the world.

Security Guard vs. Security Officer

1. Pay;

Security guards usually have lower pay than security officers. Most of the companies offer to the security officers certain extra benefits, such as shifts, communications, and transportation allowances, but, security guards do not entitle.

2. Duties;

A security guard at a site performs a static role, works in a security post to provide security services along with other post-order activities.

The guards who work in the ground pass the information to the security officer or the control room but they do not make a decision. On the other hand, the security officer visits one post to another post to ensure that security guards are performing the task as per the client’s expectation.

In certain situations, the officer takes the decision to deal with security issues by communicating with the supervisor and the managers.

3. Requirements;

To be a security guard you do not need any specific education, a high school diploma is all right, but for a security officer, you may need further qualifications depending on the security industry and the client’s requirements.

4. Training;

The basic security guard training (BSG) is given to security guards, where they learn only the necessary basic skills for their daily duties. The security officer can receive training in leadership, management, and some additional training on-site requirements.

5. Experience;

For the general security guard the candidates do not require experience, because, they can learn from the basic security guard training, However, the security officer requires at least 2 years of experience as a security guard and specialized training.

6. License;

Both security guards and officers need a license from the regulatory authority to perform security tasks in the country, but the guard will get a license for a security guard and the officer will get a security officer license.

8. Rank to Promot;

The security guard promotes to security officer but a security officer promotes the site supervisor or patrolling supervisor.

These above are the fundamental differences between the security guard vs security officer. Both officers and guards work in the team, but, A security officer is the leader of the team and the security guard is a member of the team.


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