emergency evacuation procedure of building & site.


The security staff needs to paly leadership roles when evacuation is needed in the case of a critical incident. This will happen; closure of the security control room if it is located in the same building or the site. While making an emergency evacuation procedure these two things are important to keep in mind;

  1. Alternative systems to be used
  2. Alternet location of the control room

Emergency evacuation procedure in building and site;

Building evacuation procedure;

  • Collect critical security items:
    • Radios
    • Access logs
    • keys and access cards
  • Direct others in the workplace to secure their workspace
  • Direct others out of the building using the established evacuation routes
  • Conduct a quick search of the area of responsibility for any personnel remaining
  • Exit the building and proceed to the designated assembly area
  • Hand over access logs to the building duty supervisor for accounting
  • Ensure no personnel attempt to re-enter the building
  • Control access to the building through an established security cordon
  • Record incident details using the personal security notebook
  • Prepare to hand over responsibility for the incident site to arriving police or emergency services
  • Prepare and submit an incident report

Site evacuation Procedure

  • Maintain a secondary control room on standby offsite for critical incidents requiring evacuation
  • Establish a temporary command and control post on the ground outside the site
  • Secure critical items to be taken during the evacuation
    • Access cards and keys
    • Access logs
    • Radios and communication devices
    • Lockdown the area of responsibility
    • Control room
    • Access Control Points
    • Critical security zones
  • Move through the area of responsibility ensuring all personnel are following the evacuation order
  • Conduct a final search of the area to verify no personnel remain on site
  • Move to the external assembly area and hand over personnel accounting tools e.g.
    • access logs
  • Establish and maintain a security cordon around this site
  • Control access to the site and do not allow any person to re-enter
  • Await the arrival of police or emergency services
  • Hand over control of the site to emergency services
  • Record incident details in the personal security notebook
  • Prepare and submit an incident report

All the security guards on the site must be trained about the building and site evacuation procedure. The security personnel in the site should have confidence in the SOP required tasks. The security manager or supervisor is responsible for training and rehearsal the emergency evacuation drill in the site.

Site evacuation drill;

  • Carry out site evacuation drill at least every 3 months
  • Involve all personnel who will ¬†perform a role in the response of emergency
  • Conduct effective rehearsal
  • Record in a site incident training log.

Conclusion: An emergency evacuation procedure is made by the company security manager coordinating the management team. In an emergency, people call for the security team, because they are familiar with the safest routes on the site.

In case of emergency, security staff should not alarm, ensure that every step in the site’s evacuation has followed. You need to play a leading role in performing safe and secure site evacuation.

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