fire emergency procedure step by step


Responding to the fire is a part of the security guard duty. Most of the sites have a security control room equipped with a fire panel, from where you can determine the location of the fire. In this lesson, you would learn the basic fire emergency procedure step by step but you should study the SOP (Stander Operating Procedures) of the site, because, that is the important guideline for responding to the fire.

 Alarms and sensors;

Most of the companies, buildings, and sites may have fitted with fire alarms and sensors. As a security person, you would be their 24hrs, so, it is your responsibility to respond to the fire alarm immediately.

Control Panel 


Control Panel– It is one type of equipment, which administrates the alarm and sensors. Depending on the model, it also controls the sprinklers and other fire suppression systems.

Discovery of fire

If you find a fire, you must respond quickly and responsibly. It is important that you should follow the stander method that has developed for responding to the fire is R.A.C.E

  • Rescue– any person from the immediate area
  • Alert others – pull the alarm and call 999 or radio the control room and inform the operator. Shout “Fire, Fire, Fire”.
  • Confine the fire – close any doors
  • Extinguish – use the appropriate extinguisher and extinguish the fire

As a security guard, you should aware of the following; 

  • manual alarm locations,
  • emergency exits,
  • escape routes and
  • extinguisher locations.


Before attempting to fight a fire, ensure that;
  • Your escape route has not blocked
  • All personnel are clear of the immediate area
  • A general evacuation is already underway
  • to Activate a test burst from the extinguisher before approaching the fire.
  • If you fail to extinguish fire be prepared to escape!

Emergency Evacuation

The successful evacuation depends on awareness and preparation. These following points are very crucial at the time of evacuation.

  • Escape routes
  • Assembly points
  • Evacuation Signs and lighting
  • Hydrant and hose access points
  • Drills for all staff
  • Warden roles

As a security guard, you should know the evacuation plan of the site. You should control the situation and evacuation procedure and direct the evacuees as the following guidelines;

  • Give clear and calm direction to leave the area.
  • confirming that the escape route is not blocked
  • Search all rooms and toilets within the area of responsibility
  • Give the priority to the people of the determination
  • Ensure all doors and windows are shut when leaving each area
  • Carry out a roll call at the assembly point using attendance or access registers
  • Prevent personnel from attempting to leave the assembly point
  • Clear access for fire defense unit to approach and deploy at the site

What should be clear and visible?

  1. Exits, routes, and assembly points
  2.  Emergency exit signs
  3. Assembly point sign

What is the assembly area?

Assembly point – It is a designated area where the evacuees assemble in case of emergency.

Security vigilance;

The vigilance of the security guard protects people, property and information. Not all fires are accidents. Maybe someone set up fire deliberately causes to harm people or the organization.  Security staff always should alert to the threat of the fire maybe someone deliberately started. You should keep your eyes on the following things;

  • People carrying lighters and matches
  • Suspicious activity
  • Tampering with fire alarms and sensors
  • Specific threats made to an organization Further to the threat of arson

Conclusion: As a security guard you should know the fire emergency procedure step by step of your site. Being vigilant all the time, discovering the fire in the first place and knowing the fire evacuation procedure saves the valuable life of the people.

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