The important factors about the people search.


The security staff has the authority to search the people and their belonging when they consent only. Some companies need to search the visitor, vendors, even employees when they entry and exit from the company.

On the process of personal-search, two things should be considered your;

  1. company policy and
  2. country law.

The security staff generally use the metal detector and X-ray to screen the people’s body and the belonging. In case of a serious emergency, you need to perform the physical search, which means body search.

 Before touching other’s bodies, you should ask the person’s consent if they agree then make a note in your official notebook about their consent and let them sign.

Some companies might have developed the form to fill before security staff starts the physical search.

If the person refuses, you have to take the action according to site policy including;

  • Deny access to the site or facility
  • Report the refusal to management or the police
  • Detain the person if sufficient evidence is presently supporting he/she has committed the crime.

Searching for the female

Many countries do not allow the male to conduct physically searching for a female, they will pass through the normal screening.

If the suspicious detect should arrange the female security guard to conduct the physical search and arrange the private place to conduct a detailed search. ‘

Aim of the people search

The personal search policy develops by the organization to protect people, property, and information by controlling the things in entry and exit points those they are carrying into and out to the site.

There could be the many reasons why the search-policy is required for the organization but here are some common;

  • Preventing prohibited or dangerous items from entering a site
  • Detecting theft or unauthorized removal of items from a site
  • Locating evidence to confirm suspicions of a crime

Who is required to search?

The site policy may guide you in what need and who need to search. Depending on the risk and threat to the site, you may require to search

  • Visitors
  • Permanent employees
  • Contractors
  • Delivery drivers
  • Everyone 
  • Hand-carried baggage
    • Suitcases
    • Laptop bags
    • Backpacks
    • Toolboxes
    • Handbags and
    • purses

people search policy contents

The people-search policy depends on the company and the threat level, however, the basic structure of the search policy include the following;

  • Prohibited items to be detected
  • Who needs to be searched
  • Search level of detail, depending on;
    • Threat levels
    • Volume of traffic
    • Technologies utilized for search
    • Public perception
  • Selection criteria
    • Percent of persons need to search
    • Visitors
    • Employee
    • Contractor

The search policy may develop from the security manager or the company management team, but, the security staff should be able to interpret it as requires. 

people search area set up

The security staff should make sure the search area has set up and ready to use at any time according to the site policy. 

Parts of a person search area

  1. Pre-screening & queue zone
  2. Unpacking area
  3. Search zone
  4. Follow up a search area
  5. Repacking and exit zone

How to perform your duty in the search area?

  • Complete control of all movements through the screening point
  • Rapid processing times
  • Enhanced detection probability
  • Reducing the stress of persons being searched
  • Give people plenty of warning that a security screening point is ahead
  • Split queues to reduce perceived waiting time
  • Use ropes or gates to funnel personnel through the search zone
  • Conduct spot searches use a handheld metal detector.
  • carry out a physical inspection of a person

Conclusion: Conducting the people search in your site could raise the public’s criticize to you and the company policy, but, most important is depend on you how far you able to deal with the public.

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