Types of security guard their duties and responsibilities.

types of security guard

Whether working in residential buildings, private industry, and government property, the security guard has similar responsibilities. The primary responsibilities of the security staff are to protect individuals, property, and information. There are three types of security guard that are common around the world.

How many types of security divisions in the country?

  1. public security 
    • police
    • Military
    • law enforcement agencies
  2. Private security
    • Privates security officers
    • Watchman

Types of security guard;

There are three major types of security guards, each of which may have different categories depending on its place of operation.

  1. Government contract security guard;

The government hired security personnel directly, who could operate the small arms or undergo training to operate the weapons. These security guards will deploy to secure, protect, and defend government personnel and property. This type of security guard may perform  duties in;

  • Courthouses
  • Military facilities
  • Police station
  • Nuclear sites and
  • Other critical infrastructure.

2. In-House Security Guard;

In house security guards recruited directly from the companies and they are not contracted through the private security agency. Although internal security recruitment practices have been prohibited in many countries, some organizations still hire and are allowed to hire in-house security officers.

This types of security guard have a wide range of opportunities for employing including;

  • Armored Guards
  • Bank
  • Hospital and Medical facility
  • Cruise Ship
  • Information Security industries.
  • Hotel and Resort
  • Nightclub Bouncers
  • Museums

3. Private security guard;

It is standard practice for companies to contract security staff through private security firms. Whether individuals or organizations have collaborated with security firms to protect their people and properties.

There are various options, the private security companies offer to its clients including;

  1. Un-armed security guard:  Unarmed security personnel operates without carrying any weapons, and more than 80% of the world’s security personnel conduct unarmed security tasks. Usually unarmed security services are conducted where there is a low-level threat.

In another world, they refer to civil security. The duties of this type of security guard may vary depending on the company’s requirements.

Their responsibilities fall into the company SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and they perform several tasks including;

  • Access control
  • Traffic and parking management
  • Searching
  • Crowd control
  • Patrolling
  • Control room operations Procedures.

2. Armed-Security guard: 

They carry weapons probably small firearms or other lethal weapons. Typically the organizations which deal with valuable products or services required the armed guards. Many armed guard professionals took from the ex-military, police, or law enforcement agencies because they have the knowledge of operating the firearm.

There is a strict procedure for hiring the Armed guard, the candidates should undergo weapons and extra security training.

In order to receive an armed guard license to legally carry a firearm, You need to pass several tests that may be carried out by a state-based security regulation.

There’s going to be a stick background-check for the armed guard applicants, and they should complete it without any cases in the past.

3. Bodyguards;

These are the personal protection officers assigned to protect a person. Highly trained and well arms knowledge is necessary for the bodyguard. In other words, they are referred to personal protection agents and mainly involve in the protection of the VIP such as politicians and celebrities.

4. Video surveillance operator;

The private’s security agencies train their staff for video surveillance techniques and equipment and send them to the site where the clients need them.

The operator may work with other security guards and mainly focus on reviewing the camera footage, surveillance, and monitoring.

Many companies install CCTV cameras around the periphery and inside the building to monitor the un-lawful activities.

The CCTV operation who mainly involves monitoring the activities, work in low-level threat but must detect the critical incident that impacts the organization operation.

Conclusion: A private security firm may provide services more than the above options. The duties can be different according to the site requirement and assignments of the different types of security guards.


  1. Hiring security guards that can keep establishments safe will really make a huge difference for sure. Whether it happens during the day or at night, any kind of trouble will need to be dealt with immediately by a crew that can handle it. It’s likely why establishments hire security guards that can work at any time of the day to keep things safe.

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