What is security guard?

What is security guard

What is a security guard? Providing protection is security, and while the definition of a security guard may vary, it is a brief summary: “A security guard is someone who does security-related activities for pay, such as patrolling and inspecting properties against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and unlawful activities”.

Not only does the security guard safeguard the property, but he or she also protects the community from threats.

The duties and responsibilities of security guards vary depending on the site, but in general, security guards do the following:

  1. Protect and enforce the rules and regulations at the site.
  2. Monitor the security systems including alarm and CCTV.
  3. Controlling the access of employees, visitors, and vendors.
  4. Inspect the Area to find safety and security hazards.
  5. Write the security report about the incident or their observation while on duty.
  6. Take the statement from the witness for later court testimonies.
  7. Detain violators.

The above are the most typical tasks that a security guard performs in any location. In an emergency, security guards must call the police, ambulance, and fire department to bring the situation under control.

Security guard responsibilities according to employers;

  1. Retail store: Security guards protect people, keep track of merchandise, handle money, and maintain other safety equipment.

To prevent theft from employees and customers they conduct the detective’s works.  Detain the shoplifting until police arrive and patrolling the parking area are the responsibilities of the store security guards.

2. Security guards serve critical responsibilities in managing people’s access to buildings, banks, hotels, and hospitals. They maintain the rules and regulations in order to protect the offices’ staff, clients, and the general public.

3. Security guards in museums and art galleries protect the paintings and exhibits by monitoring visitors and inspecting their belongings as they enter and exit the premises.

4. Security guards secure information and products in factories, government buildings, and military bases, and they check people’s credentials when they enter and exit.

5. Security guards monitor the crowd, supervise parking, and seating at the university, park, and sports stadium.

6. At the bar and nightclub, the bouncer security guard stops illegal people from entering and maintains order among the customers.

7. The guard protects people, transportation equipment, and freight at the airport, train station, and other transportation facilities as part of transportation security.

Security guards work in a variety of security conditions, depending on the location they must execute their duties. Each workplace may have its own SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), and the security guard should follow them.



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