What makes you a CCTV operator?


CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is a common surveillance tool used to monitor individuals and their surroundings. Small businesses to large corporations use CCTV to record what the camera captures, but in large organizations, a CCTV operator is required to monitor people’s activities and observe a particular location.

As people become increasingly concerned about the security of their property, there is a trend to install CCTV in private apartments and houses.

In a small business or location, the owner or a security guard observes the area through CCTV and retrieves chronological data to investigate past activities.

In a large organization, there may be numerous cameras and monitors to display the information; therefore, a full-time security person should be available in front of the CCTV. If anything happens, you should inform the security guard to take the action.

As technology advances in the safety and security industry, the CCTV system is more than just a camera recording because it is highly sophisticated and requires a trained individual to operate it.

To be a CCTV operator, you should have a basic understanding of the CCTV system as well as the control room’s operating procedures.

The operator not only observes the camera feeds but also uses various surveillance techniques to determine what is going on on the ground.

CCTV operator duties and responsibilities can vary from those of other security personnel at a site.

In addition to monitoring the area with CCTV, you must perform numerous other tasks, such as keeping records and assigning security equipment.

How can you be the CCTV operator?

Without prior experience and training, you cannot operate the CCTV or complete control room tasks. Therefore, your experience and training are the major resources for CCTV operator jobs.

There are three ways to obtain operator training and a certificate if you complete it successfully.

  1. You can get CCT operator training from private or government security training centers. Although it costs you money, it will help you find work in the future.
  2. The second way your company can provide you with CCTV operator training is from an authorized training center. In this case, you may not require to pay any fees because your employer will bear the cost.
  3. Third, you can learn CCTV operations from a colleague who works in the control room as a CCTV operator.

Requirement for the CCTV operator

Before attending training, a CCTV operator must have the following basic skills.

  1. Previous experience in the security field
  2. Excellent communication skill
  3. Ability to deal calmly with emergency situations.
  4. Able to write a clear record
  5. good observational skills

A person who wants to be a control room operator must first learn the basics knowledge of CCTV systems and handling situations on the ground.

Although training is essential, most operators learn how to operate CCTV from their coworkers while on duty in the control room.

If someone already knows how to operate a CCTV system, the security company will send them for training.

At the bottom;

If you wish to become a CCTV operator, you should either make an effort to learn the fundamentals of control room operation or pay for operator training and obtain it.


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