Can a Security Guard Arrest You?

Can a Security Guard Arrest you

Arrest refers to the physical or mental detention of a person against his or her will. someone who breaks the law should face the repercussions. Can a security guard arrest you? Let’s talk about it when you violate public order.

The rule of law preserves social order. When there is a breach, an investigation may be necessary to identify the perpetrator, and the suspect may be arrested as part of the investigation.

Since the constitution is the country’s fundamental law, all rules and decrees must not conflict with it. Federal law grants the right of arrest to every citizen Under some conditions.

No one can violate the fundamental rights of the accused or the suspect in the name of the arrest because these are guaranteed by the constitution, and safeguarding them is the obligation of all.

What is the power of arrest?

It is a given authority to arrest or detain someone for the purpose of investigation. When there is an incident, two possibilities may exist: either someone committed the crime or no one committed it.

If the suspect is on the scene, it may necessary to hold or arrest him/her in order to obtain a statement or conduct more investigation.

How many types of arrests are there?

Before searching for an answer to this question, it is critical to understand who has the authority to arrest for individual or suspect.

  1. Police: The government has a police department that is responsible for preserving peace and order, investigating crimes, and apprehending criminals. A police officer has the authority to detain or arrest someone in order to investigate a specific event.
  2. Public: The public has the equal power to arrest someone who commits a crime or Every individual has the right to arrest the perpetrator if there is adequate evidence.

There are two types of arrests in this context;

1. Public arrest: conducted by the police officers

2. Citizen arrest: Conducted by the general public.

Since there are only two types of arrest, the security guards, do not have any specific power of arrest like the police officers in the country.

If an incident occurs on their premises, the private security guard can make an arrest, detain the perpetrator, take a statement, or hand over the criminal to the police.

Security professionals, like the general public, have the authority to make a citizen arrest. When you arrest someone, ask for their cooperation because the law in your country may not allow you to arrest someone without a warrant.

Can a Security Guard Arrest You?

A security guard can arrest you in some circumstances, but they do not have the same power as public security or police.

  1. When the police request you to assist in the arrest of someone.
  2. It is enough evidence that a crime was committed. (including the suspect fleeing the public or the police, or being found red-handed).
  3. The incident occurred on your site, and you need to detain someone to take the statement.
  4. The suspect comes to you and commits the crime.
  5. If the suspect is holding a weapon, restrain him.
  6. The illicit or forbidden goods discovered during a security search.

Unlike to police, a private security guard has the same authority to detain you as the general public. If there is sufficient evidence that someone violates current laws in the country, the public has the authority to detain and hand the suspect over to the police.

When conducting an arrest, as a security officer, you should follow the correct procedures. Another violation may occur to you if the rules are not followed. Click here to learn about the arrest procedure.

In modern security contexts, the security guard learns the country’s laws, rights, and privileges of the public during basic security guard training, which has become essential in many nations for security guards.

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