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In this test, security guard trainees may practice security guard questions related to the license security guard test. All security guard candidates must pass a country or state private security regulatory test to obtain a security card.

1. A person refuses to search on the entering the establishment what should you do?


2. Common prohibited items in the airport are


3. Common prohibited items on the national border are


4. If you handle the confiscated items what provision should be taken?


5. Should you secure confiscate items?


6. Who can search for female visitors?


7. The critical threat is a constant threat how should be expected to respond to them most?


8. Why might be the airport a key target for terrorist attacks?


9. What does ICAO stand for?


10. What specific threat to the airport are there?


11. What health and safety issues a security staff need to consider at the airport.


12. Airport security enhanced by wearing ID, access, and use of keys and locks.


13. Airport security uses the area of responsibilities to manage specific threats known to what?


14. Security zones are split into two part what are these?


15. Airport security consists of several agencies


16. Besides passenger check what other important steps maintain airport security?


17. The CCTV is faulty in your shift what should fill out?


18. What must the visitor control room fill out?


19. Two reasons for patrolling


20. How to record the description of vehicles?


21. How to record the description of a person?


22. The purpose of the traffic management plan is?


23. Reading the traffic management plan normally include the following;


24. Reading the traffic management plan normally includes the following information.


25. What is included in the traffic management plan?


26. What does FHAR?


27. What is the responsibility of the hotel security guard?


28. What does visitor security screening mean?


29. What hazard could be a special event?


30. What is the security zones?


31. An example of access control?


32. Who Are security staff answerable to at a special event?


33. Which following is the definition of the risk?


34. Which of the following activities should not do in building evacuation?


35. What is the security zones?


36. One of the principle while searching with the team?


37. Any paperwork should be summited to?


38. Before conducting any patrol what should you with your RADIO?


39. Paperwork should be?


40. When you are on patrolling you should report back to the control room?


41. When you patrolling in the building in dark you should carry it?


42. Reason for patrolling?


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