What is included in security guard services?


The rapid development of private security companies worldwide has created a competitive environment in the security industries. Private security companies offer a wide range of services to their clients, including security guard services.

Most countries have already prohibited hiring in-house security guards for individuals and businesses.

One mechanism is in the practice, Organizations and individuals who wish to participate in security activities must obtain authorization from a regulatory body, which may be a state or federal entity.

While a security guard is responsible for the protection of people, property, and information, he or she must learn various techniques and skills to carry out security tasks in different situations.

These things will be learned during training, so a new security guard should undergo training for a week or month, depending on the country.

security guard services

People may require different types of protection for themselves and their properties. Keeping this in mind, security guard services are divided into the following categories:

  1. Protection of people
  2. Protection of properties
  3. Protection of information

A security guard can protect individuals by deterring criminal activity, detecting workplace hazards, and responding to emergencies.

To protect the property, the security guard performs a variety of tasks, including access control, the search for visitors and employees, and the detection of fire hazards, among others.

Now, confidentiality is of the greatest priority because if a competitor obtains access to classified information, it could harm the organization’s business.

Although security guards do not know what employees are doing on their computers, they must be vigilant and inform the appropriate department or supervisor if any unauthorized activities are detected.

If you want to learn the techniquies and skills required for the protection of people, property, and information, click here for the complete lesson of the security guard training on this topic.

Security Industries services;

  1. Man Guarding Services
  2. Armed Gaurding services
  3. Cash Solution or Cash In Transit
  4. Security Consultaion Services
  5. Security Site Planning
  6. Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services.
  7. CCTV Operation
  8. Patrolling and Lock Down
  9. Escort Serices
  10. Access Control Management
  11. Parking Control
  12. Key Management
  13. First Aid & Accidents
  14. Event and VIP Security
  15. Visitor Management
  16. Lost & Found Property
  17. Incidents and Emergency Management
  18. Security Integrated Services
  19. Dog Training and Dog Security
  20. Special Security Service

The security guard services are typically different from the country’s public security or police department.

The police provides protection services to the public at no cost, whereas security guards do so in exchange for payment.

Depending on the security threat to a business, the organization may subscribe diffrent types of security services from private security companies.

Not all security guards can provide all of the above-mentioned services because they require training and experience to become professionals in their respective services.



  1. When it comes to large territory protection like construction site or factory, live video monitoring is a more appropriate option rather than security guard, because they can be installed on the entire area. Although guards patrol the property, they can’t see the entire territory at any time. They also can’t check some areas because it’s not safe.

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