access control technologies, you need to know


In addition, physical security an organization can integrate the variety of tools and technology to enhance and enforce the access control policy in the ACP. Access control technologies have divided into two categories.

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electronic

Mechanical access control tools;

It is normally described as locks, barriers, and system that needs manual movement to operate. examples include;

  • Manually operate barrier
  • Remote operate barrier
  • Chain or rope
  • Sliding gate
  • Lock and key
  • Combination lock
  •  Deadbolt
  • Physically supervised door

Electronic access control;

 There are various electronic access control tools available in the security industries and multiple methods to implement as well.

  • Attendance management
  •  Canceling of access privileges
  • Accounting of personnel in emergency situations e.g. fire evacuation

Electronic access control technology can monitor through the security control room to make a flexible APC procedure in a site. Devices will separate into specific categories along with their  advantage and vulnerability ;

  1. RFID: This technology commonly used in the security industry as a key card.

RFID card and reader


  • Vicinity reading (6-10m reading distance)
  • Proximity reading (approx. 10cm distance)
  • No personal details stored in the card, only a number that references a remote database


  • Simple to issue and carry
  • Rapid logging of the user, location, time, etc.


  • Vulnerable to theft
  • No verification of authorized owner using the card

2. Passcode access joystick

 Passcode access keypad

The security department or the Admin will provide the authorized user a digital PIN after storing data in the Device. Only the authorized person can access the area when they enter the correct PIN


  • Only the user will know their passcode
  •  Less vulnerable to theft


  • Can be shared by dishonest users
  • Maybe guessed by others

3. Biometric: Reading of biometric information of the person such as fingertips, voice and eye retina, etc.

access control technologies


  • Unique to each individual
  • Personally identifiable data stored in a database
  • Useful for personnel entry points


  • High level of security
  • Difficult to falsify diametrically readings


  • May be costly to install and manage

4. Iris and fingerprint scanning


There are various brands under this technology. A device can install at the entry point, door, and restricted area. It can read the previously installed data. For example; the door or gate only opens when the user scans his fingertips.

Access control zone designed.

The security staff is not directly responsible to design the access control point, however, understanding the site’s layout helps them to perform duty effectively at ACP. Generally, the site design in three-zone;

  • Approach zone
  •  Access control zone
  • Response zone

1. Approach Zone;

  • A road approaching the front gate of a site or facility
  • Pathway to the lobby of a corporate building
  • Departures hall of an airport

Technology installation;

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Vehicle speed sensors
  • Security staff

2. Access control zone;

  • Customs and immigration control at an airport
  • Entry gate at a sports stadium
  • Entry gate at an industrial site

Systems may contain;

  • Queuing and movement control
  • Security screening (additional methods of detection)
  • ID inspection
  • Physical barriers

3. Response zone;

  • Car parking areas placed between an ACP and the entry point of a building or facility
  • Secondary perimeter lines inside a military camp

The system may contain; 

  • Final denial barriers
  • Enough space to allow a response time

Conclusion: Each access control technologies have advantages and weakness, security staff must know about it. Keep in mind, although the most sophisticated system has integrated into an organization may not be safe, because, criminals always try to exploit the systems’ weakness. Site safety depends on the physical guard how they execute their duty along with these systems.

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