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When a special event is held, it is necessary to ensure the effective safety of all participants. The events security activity involves a large number of security staff who may not have worked together. Several event management companies may contribute to the run of the event.

Examples of special events

  • Concerts and musical performances
  •  racing
  • Football games
  • Food festivals
  • Tennis tournaments
  • Trade shows and conventions
  • Cultural exhibitions

Roles and responsibilities of events security

The security personnel at the event may require to perform the various roles and duties as part of the large security team. Familiarization of the roles of the event security allows the security officer to perform duties effectively at different natures of the events.

Planning and managing security for special events can be a challenging task for security supervisors and managers, so briefing before deployment is important because they would know their assigned tasks at their post.

The security guards perform 7 types of duties involving various tasks at the location-specific location

Events security-Duties

  1. Static posts duties
  2. Venue operation center
  3. Mobile duties
  4. Visitor security screening
  5. Access control
  6. Parking and traffic management
  7. incident response

1. Static posts duties;

  • Pre-entry ticket checks 
    • Verify approaching spectators to hold a ticket
    • Direct spectators to the appropriate access control point
  • Security screening 
    • Personnel searches
    • Vehicle search
  • Access control points
    • Venue entry
    • Turnstile operator
  • Gate controller
    • Vehicles
    • Delivery zones
    • Emergency vehicles
    • VIP arrivals
  • Spectator zones
  • Restricted zones
    • Performer or team areas
    • Venue infrastructure
    • Power & Utilities
    • Stairwells
      • Media zones
      • VIP and hospitality areas
  • Parking and traffic management

2. Venue Operations Centre;

3. Mobile duties of Events security;

  • Crowd monitoring
    • Crowd behavior
    • Overcrowding
    • Blocking of emergency escape routes
  • Venue patrols
  • Inspection of critical security areas
    • Perimeter patrols
    • Parking areas
  • Incident response teams
    • Crowd control
    • Evacuation guides
    • Additional support as required

4. Visitor security screening;

  • The person holds a valid ticket or venue ID
  • The person does not possess any;
    • weapons or prohibited items/substances
    • Racist, offensive or political posters or banners
    • Alcohol or drugs
  • The person is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The person is permitted to access the zone or area using the ticket or ID presented

5. Access control;

At the Special events, access control includes simple queues and visual ticket inspection, crowd management, and automatic turnstile systems. The system and access control policy may vary depending on venue and event type.

At the larger venue, various security zones are defined and planned to control the access.

Public zone – Areas outside the control of event organizers and Security staff

Exclusive zone – The approach to the venue where official ticket sales, merchandise or other promotional activities may take place

Outer perimeter – First visual check of tickets and ID, along with a control line for security screening before entering the inner perimeter

Inner perimeter – Entry turnstiles or gates where tickets or IDs are scanned and accounted for in official attendance counts, public access areas such as food and beverage outlets, toilets and smoking areas

Inner event zone – Seating or spectator areas, divided according to ticket or ID held  Event participant zone – access to performers, teams, exhibitors, and media. for example;

  • Backstage
  • Team rooms
  • Media and broadcast area
  • Venue Operations Centre
  • Operations offices, medical facilities, police and security facilities
  • VIP areas
  • Hospitality and catering preparation

 6. Parking and traffic management;

  • check that vehicle is correctly parked.
  • necessary permits need to check for special parking zones
  • ensure that drivers followed all the traffic rules.
  • Control the following of the vehicles to reduce the accident.
  • Direct the vehicles to the parking lot.
  • ensure better safety for everyone in the area

7. incident response;

  • Preparation and plan
  • Assessment of the incidents
  • Containment the incident
  • Crowd control
  • Follow the Evacuation guides
  • Request for Additional support as required

Required plans and resources;

Security staff must be able to access the following in order to have efficient prevention and response in case of an incident.

  • Contact numbers for key personnel 
  • Venue maps identifying; 
    • Seating or viewing zones
    • Restricted areas
  • Site security plans identifying; 
    • CCTV locations
    • Zone boundaries
    • Entry and Exit control points
    • Medical treatment points
    • Evacuation routes
    • Safe assembly points
    • Static post duty locations
  • Contingency plans for identified incident response e.g.
    • Evacuation
    • Lost child
    • Crowd violence
  • Codes of conduct for spectators
    •  Prohibited items
    • Acceptable behavior
    • Removal from the venue

Agencies operating at special events

  • Police, including traffic control
  • Ambulance services
  • Fire Defence
  • Venue owners
  • Event management staff

Common incidents at special events

  • Lost and found items
  • Minor first aid
  • Lost child reported
  • Lost child found
  • Prohibited items detected at Access Control Point
  • Spectator seated in the wrong location
  • Lost or stolen tickets
  • Illegal ticket sales outside the venue

Critical incidents at special events

  • Fire 
  • Terrorist attack 
  • Power failure 
  • Gas leaks or hazardous material spills 
  • Security system failure e.g. 
    • Automated turnstiles
    • CCTV
    • PA systems
    • Fire warning and detection systems
  • Stage, pitch or performance zone invasion
  • Crowd crushing or panic 
  • Natural disasters e.g. 
    • Flooding
    • Extreme winds
    • Lightning strikes
    • Earthquakes

Media perception and professionalism;

Most of the major events,  some media could present, they may be allowed access to certain parts of the venue. Event security personnel should be aware of what areas they have authorized and what equipment they could bring with them.

Be mindful that media attention can be on your unprofessional behavior; for example;

  • Inappropriate searching procedures
  • Intimidation of spectators
  • Inappropriate use of force
  • Accepting bribes
  • Allowing access to zones without proper tickets or ID
  • Confiscating items that are not prohibited

How to maintain your professional image in public events?

  • Encourage cooperation
  • Discourage potential criminals
  • Increase event organize confidence

In the end: The special events security guard expose to a large number of agencies, and the public, therefore, it is important for you to represent your company with professionalism. The basic professional presentation must be met, a calm and confident approach encourages the spectaculars and staff to follow your direction.

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