vehicle security search tools and procedure


Before you start the duty on the searching bay, it is important to make sure all the equipment is working properly. The site may have developed the pre duty checklist you must confirm all listed instruments are in good condition. Vehicle security search tools may incorporate with the security system depending on the threat level of the organization.

Pre-Duty checklist;

Search equipment check
Torch in working condition
vehicle search mirror
Prohibited items storage
Hi-Visibility vest
Sun hat
Face mask
Search bay layout:
Warning signs in position
Warning signs in position
Entry lane walls in place
Entry point barrier in place
Exit point barrier in place
Driver holding area ready
Exit lane walls in place
CCTV working

Your tasks can vary, depending on the equipment, techniques, and search area layout but the security personnel should be familiar with the search bay layout in their site.

Vehicle security search tools and equipment

The different devices and equipment may be used by the security officer to perform a car inspection in a company. The most important point is that using the correct equipment for the individual search increase the chances of detecting the dangerous and prohibited items as well as the unauthorized removal of the goods.

  • Mirror
    •  use it the underside of the vehicles and observe the reflection.
    • Some mirror equipped with the lights that need to turn on when you put it underneath the vehicles.
    • May have the wheels to make it easy to move
    •  The extendable handle can be found, you can adjust it when you search the large vehicle.
    • It is only effective as per the operator, therefore, the finding depends on your observation skills.


  • Torch: Useful for the dark area such as;
    • Inside engine bay
    • Wheel arches
    • Behind hub caps
    • Internal storage


  • Gloves
    • Protect from injury while handling the hot, sharp and jagged parts
    • Minimize the contamination of the evidence


  • Traffic cones
    • Guide the traffic to the search bay
    • Using for conversing and diverting the vehicles.


  • Lane barriers
    • Force traffic to follow a set path
    •  Block access to search bay
    • Provide safety barrier for searching staff


  • surveillance cameras
    • Digital review of high-resolution underside cars
    • The software can be used to analyze the picture that was taken past and current.


  • Complete vehicle x-ray
    • Able to x-ray a vehicle an operator can take the large picture.
    • can use for any type of vehicle.


  • Explosive / Narcotics trace detector
    • It can detect the explosive or narcotics items
    • Samples can obtain from swabbing body surfaces of the card
    • use to screen random or suspected vehicles.


  • CCTV
    • Surveillance in the search bay while security staff conducting the search
    • Record the footages


  • Canines
    • Keep the driver or other people from the search area to reduce the distraction to the dog.
    • The dog does not find anything repeatedly.
    • Environmental conditions can affect the dog’s ability.
    • During the hot weather dog only can work a short time
    • Some cultures think using the dog to search is the offensive.


The security staff should know that all the equipment has advantages and disadvantages. A most important tool for a vehicle security search is your eye and observation skills.

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