vehicles direct in the road and a site.


On many occasions, the security staff needs to direct traffic in their worksite. You should know the proper procedure and the manual hand signals for the vehicles direct in the right direction.

In your site, you may need to direct the vehicles

  • At the entry and exit points
  • Traffic flow around the obstacle
  • Marshaling the vehicles to the parking area

Topic 1.1

The things need to consider while directing the traffic

  1. Direct the traffic from the front not behind
  2. Make the big movement
  3. Make eye contact with the driver
  4. Restrict the traffic flow at a manageable rate

You need to give clear and decisive direction to the traffic. The general methods and hand signals have developed to direct the traffic which is applied worldwide.

Your position for vehicles direct.

  • Wear a high-visibility vest if available
  • Use the whistle to draw the attention
  • At night, carry a torch and traffic wands (red/green)
  • Maintain a good security awareness
  • If the vehicles are out of control find the escape routes.

Topic 1.2

Directing the traffic;

There are 6 maneuvers and corresponding hand movements to direct the traffic movement.

  1. Proceed slowly forward
    • Both arms raised with the palms of hands facing the direction of required vehicle movement
    • Bend both arms repeatedly toward the head and chest

2. Clear to leave the area:

  • Point at the driver to gain attention
  • Turn and extend both arms in the direction to exit

vehicles direct

3. Stop: 

  • Cross both arms above the head

direct auto

Emergency stop:

  • Start with hands clasped above the head
  • Extend down and out to the side repeatedly

emergency stop

4. Move forward;

  • Both hands raised with the palms of hands
  • Swim your hand forward

direct traffic

4. Move backward:

  • Both hands raised with the palms of hands
  • Swim your hand backward same as forwarding

direct traffic backward

5. Make a turn right;

  • Point one arm to the direction of the turn
  • Bend the other arm repeatedly toward the head to indicate continued turning

direct traffic right

6. Make turn left;

  • Point one arm to the direction of the turn
  • Bend the other arm repeatedly toward the head to indicate continued turning

traffic control

Topic 1.3

Traffic violation report;

Any type of traffic violation, the security staff should report to the controls room and security supervisor for the situational awareness. The incident should note in your notebook which can transfer later in accordance report.

When you writing the report you should aware of the SCRIM because it is an important tool to identify the vehicle.

Noncompliance policy;

The security staff must familiar with the site policy and traffic rules, because, in case of non-compliance happened they can take the appropriate action. The site traffic noncompliance policy may include;

  • Verbal warnings to drivers
  • Drivers sent off the site
  • Drivers restricted from entering the site in the future
  • Clamping of vehicles
  • Call the police  if a vehicle is found  in a restricted area
  •  Law enforcement action against traffic violations

Traffic violation note

Date 2020/01/01
Time 10.30
What happened Mr. Jone, a visitor from ABC company car honda civic, crime, Plate No. 123 was parked in front of the loading bay area.
What consequences No consequences but it was blocked the delivery trucks forming parking at the loading bay.
What action taken? He was given the verbal warning and removed the car from there.


Use the traffic wand to vehicles direct or traffic direct

traffic wand

  • Make sure first the traffic wand is working.
  • Only activate green light to give movement directions
  • Use red light to communicate no movement authorized.

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