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In the control room operation, the communications operator plays an essential role in each case, such as before, at the time and after the incident happens. In this communication operator training, you will learn the skill which makes successful security operation.

  • Radio operator
  • Communications logger

in the small organization Communications operator do both work, radio operator and communication logger but in the large organization may need a different person for the different roles.

Radio Operator;

Radio operators use the radio communication device to transmit messages to the security personnel on that site. Here are the primary duties of the radio operator in the control room.

Radio Operator duties and responsibilities.

  1. Inspection and testing the radio equipment
  2. Send the messages
  3. Receive the message
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Frequency management

Inspection & testing the radio equipment: The radio operator should check all available radios and accessories are working, before, the duty starts. Without checking the following things you should not hand over the radios to the security personnel.

  • Is all the equipment available?
  • Is Battery level full?
  • Are spares available?
  • Are Belt clips, antenna, and earpieces in good condition?
  • Is transmission working correctly?

Sending and receiving messages: Another duty of the radio operator is sending and receiving the message by using the radio. The organization may have a radio protocol that you need to follow 100% while using this device. When you receive the message that needs an action, you should inform the supervisor who will make the response plan.

Troubleshooting: You should test the user level troubleshooting and restore the services when the radio or its networking fails.

Frequency management: Many security guards are required for the large organization or event and each of them may need the radio to transmit the message. Several frequencies are set up to communicate with the different sectors and staff.

In this complex security operation, the radio operator is the center point of communication, therefore, you should be able to change and switch the frequency to communicate with the appropriate people.

Communications logger Duties and Responsibilities;

The communication logger is responsible to record all the information passing through the communication center. Here, are the common duties of the communication logger as follows;

  • Log security issues
  • Record alarm activation and cancellations and reasons
  • Log decisions made by supervisors and managers
  • Log potential security issues
  • Prepare daily reports for the control room supervisor

The rough note can be used to note down the real-time event and later on an update in the electronic or paper made logbook.

Make sure that the log that you have recorded can use in legal processing, so, accuracy is most important. You can maintain the two logbooks to record the security issues and actions that have taken.

  • Daily occurrences
  • The decision of the security supervisor or manager.

How to record the logbook?

  • Clear handwriting and accurate
  • Use the black pen
  • Entries in chronological order
  • time of each entry recorded in 24hr format
  • Entries numbered in sequence
  • Record only facts, not assumptions
  • If you made corrections draw the single line over the correction, not to whiteout or other types of eagers.
  • No blank spaces
  • Don’t remove or add the pages
  • If you change your duty, you should record the last entry and Sign by the outgoing logger.
Date time from to Massage Remark
2020/01/01 11.30 Gate HR Visitor escorted Rajesh
2020/01/01 23.30 Gate Store Delivery truck Nitesh
2020/01/01 00.11 lobby office maintenance Abdul Ali


Conclusion: All the security operations only can complete if the information passes at the right time and take the appropriate action. The communications operator is the person who maintains communication among the staff who are indifferent posts. Relay the information, reporting, and recording should be done according to the organization’s SOPs.

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