Control room supervisor skills and duties


The supervisor and other staff of the control room do not intervene or supervise the security operation on the field expect to play the coordination role. The control room supervisor is responsible for making sure the other staff is working effectively and supporting the security operation on the site. Here, are the control room supervisor skills and duties.

Control room supervisors Duties;

  • Supervise the daily control room operation.
  • Deploying reserve security staff to incidents
  • Directing the responding to safety and security incidents
  • Reporting critical incidents to the security manager
  • Preparing reports for the security manager in case of Critical incidents.
  • Develop and complete the control room policy and procedure.
  • planning and organizing daily/shift routines and activities
  • Maintain a safe and secure work environment for the employees.
  • Remain alert all the time and prepare for the unprecedented incident.
  • Ensure the control room staff and equipment are ready for any types of incidents
  • Provide telephone support to the public or the other employees.
  • Keep Control Room and personal appearance up to the established service.
  • Carry out additional duties as required during emergencies.
  • Maintains visitor’s logbook, issuing and receiving the keys
  • Maintains records of lost and found property

 Technology Skill; 

  • Operating and monitoring CCTV.
  • Monitoring of various alarm systems
  • Have a sound knowledge of Security techniques
  • Knowledge about computer systems in operation within the Control Room.
  • Understanding of all alarm systems.
  • Awareness of Building Management Systems (BMS)

Communication Skill ;

  • Effective communication to the public, security staff, employees, and visitors.
  • Able to issue and receive detailed instructions both written and verbal.
  • Attends to the team meeting and able to brief the security incidents as well as analyzing the upcoming dangers.

Conclusion: In the large organization, there can be a control room supervisor but a smaller organization where the security supervisor plays the control room supervisor roles. Although the control room supervisor may have different duties depending on the organization, The control supervisor skills have shown above.

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