First Aid Security guard training


First Aid Security guard training is a very essential lesson for the security personnel, because, it is a life-saving Technic for the casualty person at the scene of a medical emergency.

What is First Aid?

First aid is the immediate treatment of a patient before trained medical personnel can take over.

What is the aim of first aid?

  1. Preserve life
  2. Prevent further harm
  3. Promote recovery

These three points are usually referred to as 3P” (principle of first aid).

How should you respond to a medical emergency?
  • Assessing a medical emergency quickly and safely,
  • Call for appropriate assistance
  • Identify the injury or illness
  • Give early and appropriate treatment in order of priority
  • Comfort and reassure a casualty
  • Hand over to emergency services
  • Prepare and submit incident reports


What is important for the security guard at the scenes of a medical emergency?

When you arrive at the scenes of injury or medical incident the most important thing is to survey the sites and identify the following;

  • What physical hazards are present?
  • How can the risk of further harm be reduced?
  • Levels of consciousness of the casualty or casualties

What types of hazards could include in the medical scene?

Responding to the medical incident, a security guard should control the hazards present at the site the types of hazards could include;

  • Vehicles and traffic
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Live electricity
  • Contaminants or chemicals
  • Debris and damaged construction materials
  • Flammable liquids or gases

What does mean basic life support?
Basic life support at the medical emergency is to provide the following three things;

  • Initial assessment of a casualty
  • Maintaining an airway and breathing
  •  Resuscitation – CPR

In the case of Catastrophic Bleeding: If a casualty is bleeding from a major artery, death will occur within a matter of minutes.

In case of Heavy bleeding: If there is obvious heavy bleeding, treat this as first priority before continuing with the cycle of primary care.

Conclusion: Many country’s private security regulatory agency has included First Aid in security guard training, because, the security guard will see several accidents that need medical assistance in the first place.

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