How to take witness statement in proper method?


A witness statement is considered the vial evident of the incident, because, only the human being can explain and describe for anything. As a security guard or police officer, you should follow the proper procedure when taking the statement, here are some important point need to consider;

  • Start with date and time
  • Give the meaning for the statement in connection with any incident or event
  • Write down the first-person statement who saw first.
  • Read the statement back to the witness and allow them to amend it
  • Finally, ask the witness to sign and write the date.

When you are making a statement you should be aware of the following things depending on the types of the incident and occurrence;

  • State of shock or wounded – If the witness is shocked or injured during the incident, give the treatment priority and make a statement after they return the normal stage.
  • Witness collaboration – separate all the witnesses to stop working together to make the false statement.

You should ask the question like this when you take the statement of the witness;

  • Where did you locate?
  • What did you see?
  • If necessary, draw up the diagram to clarify the location further.

The accuracy of the statement is very crucial, because, they support further investigation. so, while you recording the statement just write what the people said not what did you thing.

What happens if a witness statement is not true?

If you make a false statement, you will face the penalty for losing your job, fine and jail, so, the statement should depend on the facts, not on assumptions.

What should avoid on your statement?

  • Don’t summarize or give the conclusion,
  • Your statement should not bias

Conclusion: When you are taking the witness statement, ask the cooperation, because, the more they willing to cooperate the more they provide accurate information. After taking the statement you should record their contract address and number in your notebook, in case the further inquires can contact them.

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