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security notebook

A security notebook is an important tool for the security staff. Depending on the country you may issue the official notebook and you are responsible to keep it safe, secure and manage properly.

When you are on the uniform, your notebook should be with you, because, the daily occurrences, incident information, and shift detail need to be registered.

Issue and return the security notebook

Every notebook may issue according to the serial number as the controlled items. When the notebook is filled should be returned to the company.

Security staff should care about the official notebook as the legal documents, in case of a serious incident, the notebook can use as the evidence in the court. Therefore, it is important for you not to tear any page or damage it.

How to make entries in a security notebook?

The notebook can use for any purposes such as to complete the security report, prepare the incident, accident report and evidence in the court. When you writing the notebook should complete these ways.

 clear – write down the exact circumstances of any incident or observation

concise – don‟t use more words than necessary, get to the point

consistent – complete each entry in the same format

complete – don‟t leave out any of the required information

factual – include only facts, not assumptions about what has happened

What should include writing the notebook?

  • Date
  • Day of the week
  • Duty post
  • Equipment received
  • Shift supervisor name
  • Time started
  • Time finished
  • Weather conditions (if outdoor duty)

If Anything interesting, unusual, possibly important for the future and need to take action should record in the notebook. When you are recording notebook;

  • Do not leave any blank pages or spaces on a page
  • Use a black pen
  • Use the margin to record the time of each entry

Stander methods of security guard notebook entry

  • Date
  • Time
  • What happened
    • What was observed
    • Who was involved (list all persons)
    • Where did it happen
    • Why did it happen
  • What was done about it
    • Were actions required
    • Response took
    • Support requested
  • What was the outcome
    • Was resolution achieved
    • Were there consequences

The security staff must note down the incident as soon as possible but if the incident is going on, make the mental note and take the other action. Don’t forget to take the note in your notebook after the incident, because, you can forget about it later on.

Stander formate of the Notebook

01/01/2020-20.00hrs During an accident, two cars were involved. Mr. Jonh smith the driver of the Toyota Camry Black, registration 345. Tom Cruze was the driver of the white Nissan 431. The crash took place at the front entrance. It was because the white Nissan patrol turned over without signaling in front of the red Toyota Camry.
020:01hrs I directed them to park both vehicles in the parking lot.
020:03hrs I called the police and control room supervisor Mr. Jony
020:10hrs Police arrived
020:15hrs Both drivers presented their documents to the police
020:30hrs The police left the site
020:40hrs Both vehicles drove away
020:45hrs Normal duty resumed


Conclusion: Since the security notebook is a legal document, you should be aware of the correct procedure for making entries in the notebook. The notebook is not only used for note-taking but is also the accident memo, which recalls the accident over many years.

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