evidence handling correct process and procedure


The police officers are responsible for evident handling and processing, but, sometimes security officers also need to handle the evidence.

The security offices who know the correct process and procedure of handling evidence can secure the crucial evidence and manage the incident, accident, and crime scenes before the police arrive.

Incident scenes management;

The security officers should control public access to the site to protect the accident scene. Here are the four principles of incident scene management.

  1. Prevent scene contamination
      • Maintain the limited access of the people to the scene.
      • Record the people if they have entered the site.
      • Prevent any items or objects from the scene.
  2. Prevent evidence destruction
      • Preserve all evidence from damage by the environment such as wind, rain, etc.
      • Prevent the evidence from intentionally damage by the people
  3. Prevent evidence movement
      • Block the evidence from removing and moving from its location.
  4. Prevent evidence removal
      • Make sure the evidence remains at the site and remove from the authorized person only such police and crime scene investigator etc.

evidence handling procedure

  1. Collection
    • Wear gloves to prevent contamination of the evidence
    • If more than one item of evidence is collected, change gloves to maintain a sterile connection to the evidence
    • If evidence is a substance, collect a sample on a sterile swab and place into a zip lock bag
  2.  Securing
    • Prevent any further access to the item of evidence
  3. Preservation
    • Keep the evidence in an appropriate environment to preserve the usefulness at a later time
  4. Identification
    • Label the evidence bag with Company name, Staff name, date, time, location and evidence number
  5. Continuity of custody
    • Ensure a record is kept of the transfer of evidence from one person to another
  6. Logging
    • Document all items of evidence in the scene.

Evident recording technology 

      1. CCTV footage
      2. Audio recorders
      3. Aerial surveillance  (drones)
      4. Guard touring applications (mobile)
      5. Body cameras
      6. Hand-held cameras
      7. Mobile phones

Conclusion: The security staff should give priority police for evidence handling. however, security staff could handle the evidence in case of the immediate intervention requires to protect the incident scene and preserve the evidence

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