security guard search tools for people.


The security staff uses the various tools and technology to detect the prohibitive items and to make the search process fast and effective. The company provides security staff searching tools and technology depending on the threat, risk, and types of the organization. However, the common use tools for security guard search;

  • Handheld Metal detector
  • Walk-through metal detector
  • Baggage X-Ray
  • Particle detectors (Explosives, narcotics, chemicals)
  • Person scanning X-Ray
  • Person thermal scanning (Detection of infectious viruses)

1. Hand-held metal detector;


It is the most used security tool in the private security industry in the world. It gives the sound when passing through the precise location of the metal object on the person’s body. By using it security staff can identify the object and determine it present the risk or not. 

The handheld metal detector power by the battery, so, security staff should aware of it battery level and connection.

  • The battery connection points are free from the rust 
  • Battery has recharged
  • Any technical defects should report and send for the maintenance

2. Walk-through metal detector;


It is another common use security device where the full body of the person needs to screen. The security guard should know how to operate it.

3. Baggage X-Ray;


It is one of the effective methods to screen the personal baggage to detect the dangerous and prohibited items commonly used in;

  • Ports, Airports and Border control points
  • Government buildings
  • Tourist attractions
  • Military camps
The basic operation of the X-Ray machine
  • Machine inspection
  • powering on the machine
  • operating the machine
  • Inspecting Objects
  • powering off the machine
Machine inspection:
  • Confirm power voltage 
  • emergency stop buttons are in the „Reset‟ position
  • Do not start the machine if any emergency stop buttons are not working
  • Check entry and exit point of the tunnel is not blocked 
  • Check the conveyor belt for cracks,
  • Report any issues to the supervisor
 Powering on the machine: 
  • Insert the key into the switch on
  • Press the power button until the power comes
 Operating the machine
  • Wait for the machine to pre-heat: Depending on the machine and how long since last use it may take 1-20 minutes to pre-heat
  • Log in to the system using the user profiles as required
  • the machine can now be controlled using the keyboard
  • Progress the conveyer belt to confirm correct operation
Inspecting Objects
  • Place the object or bag on the conveyor Belt at the tunnel entry
  • Click on the move button to run the Conveyor belt forward and backward as Necessary
  • When the objects are scanned, the X-Ray Lights will light up, and the scanned image Will display.
  • The image can now be inspected for prohibited or dangerous items (more details on interpreting images are given in the next section)
  • When the object arrives at the tunnel exit, press the conveyor stop button and remove the object.
  • The X-Ray operator can now proceed to the next item to inspect
 Powering off the machine
  • Check the conveyor belt for any objects remaining, if any found, remove and inform the shift supervisor
  • Press the stop button and rotate the keys witch counterclockwise to the „OFF‟ position
  • Remove the key from the key switch and secure it under site key storage policy

Stander color of the X-ray image display.

  • Blue – Hard materials including metal, hard plastic, wires, batteries, etc.
  • Orange – Organic materials including rubber, leather, food, explosives, liquids, gels, and powders
  • Green – Light plastic, soft metal alloy

Note: Objects which are very light, thin, dirty, or damaged should be put into a tray and sent for inspection. The electronic items should separate from the person search because the x-ray image shows very complex. If electronic items screen separately it allows seeing the internal components.

Detection of suspicious items

If the suspicious items found during the X-ray you should report to the supervisor and ask the other security guard to conduct the physical search.

4. Particle detectors;

A particle detector is a device used to detect, track, and/or identify Explosives, narcotics, chemicals.


5. Person scanning X-Ray


this is the screen machine that detects objects on a person’s body for security screening this is the general x-ray machine that can use to scan the person’s body.

6. Person thermal scanning


Thermal cameras are used to detect a virus or an infection by measuring a person’s body temperature.

Conclusion: Although there are many tools to conduct the security guard search finding depends on your equipment operating skills. Be aware of the company policy during the people-search process.

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