security manager job description and responsibilities?

security manager job description

The security manager job description is an explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the manager. In an organization, the security manager has direct authority and supervision over the operational activities of security personnel.

As the department head, a Security manager, plans, develops and implements the security policies, protocols, and standard operating procedures (SOP) for an organization.

There could be two types of security managers job in today’s job market.

  1. A manager in the security industry.  
    • A manager in a security guard supply company deals with clients; it does not establish security policies. But it ensures that the security personnel who work for the clients have followed the security policy of the specific business and done their duties accordingly.
  2. Security managers at other companies 
    • This is called an in-house security manager. He or she sets up the security policies for the organization and puts them into action with the help of the security supervisor and other security professionals who could be supplied by the security company.
    •  A Manager is fully responsible for all operations within the organization that impact the safety and security of people and property.

Security manager job description;

The requirements for the security-related job could be different from company to company because security policies are defined depending on the company’s assets, and security threats.

the following are the security manager’s common duties and responsibilities.

  1. Company policies;

The security manager develops and enforces security policies, protocols, and procedures in an organization.

2. Budgeting;

A company may have the budget and plan for current and upcoming fiscal years. Each department needs a budget to manage, maintain and mobilize the staff and equipment.

Since modern technology is so important in protecting people and properties, the cost of the integrated security system in an organization has dramatically increased.

A security manager should try to obtain the most efficient system at a low cost. One of the primary responsibilities of the security manager in his department is to monitor the budget and expenses.

If the operating costs are too high, you may need to cut the security staff in the organization; in such situations, you should establish a new procedure that does not jeopardize the organization’s security.

When the security systems require to maintain or replacement in your company, you should always look for a high-quality vendor.

3. Responsible  for security personnel;

The security manager is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising the security officers and guards.

You may need to provide training to other employees about your company’s safety and security regulations.

You are also responsible for awarding the contract to the security firm to provide security personnel in your organization, Your consideration will also determine whether the contract will be renewed or terminated once its term expires.

4. Representation;

You represent the security department at the management meeting. You should discuss not only the operational needs of the security team but also discuss with the respective deparment heads if their employees have violated the security rules of the organization.

5. Planning and coordinating;

Before launching a new business in a new location, you must develop a security plan and cooperate with other security professionals and stakeholders.

6. Review reports;

Every day, you would receive various types of security-related reports from employees and security staff, such as requirements, incidents, and security breaches.

You should examine those reports and take appropriate action if necessary.

7. Investigate and resolve issues;

In the event of a security breach, the security manager’s role is to investigate the incident and obtain statements from those involved and witnesses.

When the additional investigation is necessary, you must work with the local police or the public investigating officer.

8. Reporting;

The different types of security reports you need to sign every day. On a weekly or monthly basis may require to create reports for management on the security status of the organization.

9. Managing the contracts;

The contract for security staff, CCTV, alarm, and fire suppression systems should award to the most cost-effective and high-quality vendor.

As the security manager, you must oversee the existing contracts and take contractual action against the vendor if the security team does not perform adequately.

10. Inspection and audit;

To make sure the minimum safety and security stander has been maintained you should regularly inspect and audit the security guards and equipment.

General Duties of Security Manager

  1. Risk assessment of assets and take precautionary actions to avert incidents.
  2. Ensure the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders at all times.
  3. Engaging in customer and management meetings as well as working with the security team.
  4. Operational excellence & service delivery
  5. Provide daily or weekly briefings to security personnel and supervisors.
  6. Responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day operations run smoothly.
  7. If any area requires improvement, should develop an action plan and implement it as soon as possible.
  8. Organize and provide mandatory training for all security personnel.
  9. Collaborate closely with operational personnel, maintenance, security, cleaners, and outside contractors to ensure the business operation is smooth.
  10. Always comply and adhere to all company policies and procedures
  11. Ensuring that the highest standards are always achieved and maintained
  12. Ensuring that all team members work well within any team.
  13. Liaising with the clients and customers regularly.

In another world, the security manager job description is a list of duties that the manager must do in the future. As the department’s head, the security manager is accountable for all operations carried out by the entire security staff on a daily basis.

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