violence at work, how should you deal with it?


Working as the security guard you may often witness the violence at work. Many people think violence is physically harming others but violence in the workplace is characterized as a “behavior spectrum.

The security staff is responsible for the physical safety of employees and others (such as customers, clients, and business associates) on-site.

Workplace violence can involve physically offensive, abusive, or frightening actions such as bullying others and verbal or physical threats to someone, etc.

The company may develop a policy to mitigate workplace violence, but, it may not stop occurring the behavior violence in your site. There are four types of violence that can compromise the safety of the employees in an organization.

  1. Criminal intention: The person who involves this kind of violence he has not any relation with the organization and employees rather than intentionally committing the crime. For example; robbery, shoplifting, and bomb threat, etc.
  2. Costumer and clients: The perpetrator has a relation with the company’s business and becomes violent when dissatisfied with the organization’s or employees’ services.
  3. Worker to worker:   The perpetrator is a current and past employee who attacks or threats another employee in connection with the work or personal matter.
  4. Personal relationship: The person who does not have any connection with the company business rather than the personal issue with the employees.

If any person is committing unarmed violence at work follow up;

  1. First, deal with the offender by:
    • Rapid physical intervention using defensive techniques
    • Restrain the offender
  2. Report the incident to the control room, requesting additional Security staff to provide help (the police will also be called)
  3. Separate and detain the violent offender
  4. Provide first aid to injured persons as required
  5. Begin the process of evidence gathering and witness statements
  6. Receive the police officers at the incident site and hand over finance for the offender
  7. Give the police any evidence and statements as required
  8. Record the incident details in the personal security notebook
  9. Prepare and submit an incident report
  10. Resume normal operations

Conclusion: Violence at work also comes into the critical incident, so, security staff should deal with it immediately as soon as possible. Whether workplace violence policy has developed or not in the site but makes the right decision for keeping people safe and secure.

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