security assistant manager duties and responsibilities


The security assistant manager is equivalent to the senior security supervisor and on the line of being the Security Manager. The key responsibility of the assistant security manager is to assist the security manager in the overall organizational security process.

The assistant security manager also in charge of developing the security policy of the organization and make sure the security of all members of the organization.

Education qualification for Asst. security manager.

The education certificate may not be similar in the world, generally, a diploma in higher education can be accepted for this role. In the USA, the candidate must have at least two years of college with specialty, experience, or training in law enforcement, medical training, firefighting, military, or business administration.

Requirements for knowledge, skills, and experience;

  •  At least two years of experience in supervising roles in the security industry, or at least 5yrs experience in police or military.
  •  Basic computer skills required such as email processing, and Microsoft office program including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  •  Effective communication verbally and the written.
  •  Valid  Driver’s license.
  •  The candidates who have the first aid training can be preferred for the employers.
  • Must have the ability to operate the weapon such as a rifle, shotgun, and other small arms if you are hiring by the armed guard company.
  •  Plus point if you have completed the training and possess the certification of the Fire/Emergency Drill.

Physical requirement;

You should be mentally and physically fit for performing the security tasks. Some job may require to perform outdoor in all weather conditions, so, a healthy candidate is preferred for this position.

Assistant security manager Responsibilities;

  1. Supervise all security officers on duty and assist the other department employees.
  2. Ensure that employees are performing their duties as the organization’s standards It should be escalated to organizational management when anybody has found that the rule was violated.
  3. Establish and maintain the positive and effective working relationships with the employees.
  4. Deal with government agencies, outside contractors, and the general public in a professional manner.
  5. Coordinate Security and Admissions staffing and activities in the organization.
  6. Fully implement the site emergency plan and recommend if changes are required.
  7. Uphold The Society’s policies in relation to fair job opportunities and diversity, equality.
  8. Secure the lost and found property inside the organization and make sure the control room staff records them appropriately in the logbook.

Security assistant manager duties;

The duties of the Security Assistant Manager may vary depending on the site, but here are the basic tasks for him or her for all types of organizations.

  1. Assist security manager with employee recruitment and performance management.
  2. Roll calls the security officer, change, or adjust security deployment as per the real-time response.
  3. Take charge of the security department in the absence of the security manager.
  4. Manage the vacation selection process for security officers
  5. Visit all areas of responsibility and ensure the safety of employers and customers.
  6. Continually inspect the alarm, video Sevillian systems (CCTV) and others integrate the security system and make sure they are working as an operational level if found any problem recommend for the repair or replacement.
  7. Provide assistance to the employees, visitors, customers, and vendors e.g.
    • first aid
    • lost & found
    • reuniting lost children with parents/guardians).
  8. If you are working in the armed guard company safeguards the custody of the firearms; ensure firearms are in working condition and manage the ammunition supply.
  9. Complete required reports e.g.
    • daily attendance reports,
    • accident investigation reports
    • daily facility reports.
  10. Monitor inventory of supplies and equipment including;
    • portable radios,
    • emergency equipment,
    • barriers,
    • caution tape,
    • cash handling,
    • Advise Managers when supplies are needed.
  11. Take charge of the collection and distribution of cash at all locations if you are working in the retail stores or in the financial institutions.
  12. Complete other duties as assigned by the Manager.
  13. Conduct the primary investigation if any incident happened on the site.
  14. Lodge the police report against the criminal or wrongdoer on behalf of the organization.
  15. Rehearsal of the emergency evacuation drill in the organization as a manager’s plan.

Conclusion: Apart from the above duties and responsibilities a security assistant manager works with the security supervisors to executes the departmental tasks, effectively, efficiently and timely.


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