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Workplace safety means ensuring the employees or anyone who visits the site are free from any dangers. In this lesson, you would learn about workplace safety stander and emergency signals. If want to more about it you can visit the following post;

Categories of Emergency Signs 

In fact, there are universal symbols worldwide for warning the personnel about the risky location. The stander symbols are color code for easy identification of the emergency locations and have divided into 5 categories.

Categories Types of Sign 
E Escape and emergency equipment
F Fire safety
M Mandatory action
P Prohibited
W Warning


  1. Escape and emergency equipment signs: Escape and emergency equipment signs are marked at the emergency exits, safe area, evacuation routes, and first-aid equipment.


2. Fire safety signs: These sings are used to firefighting equipment and alarm activation zone.



3. Mandatory actions: These are the safety precautionary symbols which shows the equipment requires to enter the area and anyone wants to access should follow


4. Warning signs: There are the sings which use to warn the people about the hazard is presented. It also indicates possible harm if a preventive measure does not take.


5. Prohibited signs: These signs are used to warn people not to allow any action or materials. Whoever wants to reach the area where the rule is enforced.


The key Information;

  • The emergency signs may be placed by health and safety officer
  • Signs are the additional word of the clarification of meanings.
  • The security guards or officers must enforce safety rules along with the security policies of the organization. Make sure the signs have properly marked in a hazardous area.

Health and safety in the workplace have been broader topic nowadays. As a security guard, you should be aware of the presence of hazards in the site and making sure the controlling measures have applied. The security officer contributes to the success of a safety culture in the workplace.

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