In the private security industry, there are many ranks, one of which is a supervisor. This is the most important position because it is the path to becoming a manager. The security supervisor job description can vary depending on the nature of the business.

For example; The duties of a hotel security supervisor may differ from those of a mall security supervisor, and the duties of a residential building security supervisor may differ from those of a production company security supervisor.

Each industry creates, plans, and implements a security strategy in response to the risks and threats it faces; therefore, not all businesses face the same level of safety and security threats.

As the security supervisor, you are responsible for adhering to company rules and regulations and performing duties by them.

Since a company has its own security policy, you will find that the requirements for a security supervisor candidate or security supervisor job description vary depending on the company as you go through the job advertisement.

However, the following are the general responsibilities of all types of security supervisors. When you are familiar with them, it helps you prepare for the interview because most of the questions come from them.

On the other hand, familiarity with job descriptions for specific roles enables you to perform duties effectively if selected for that role.

What are the requirements for the security supervisor?

  • At least 2 years experience in a security field or similar role.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Hardworking attitude and good coordination ability
  • Active and enthusiastic
  • knowledge of firefighting
  • Motivated with a strong sense of initiative
  • Confident and Independent

Duties and responsibilities of the security supervisor;

  1. Supervise and guide security officers;

As a security supervisor, you should monitor your team’s activities on the ground and train them to interact properly with visitors, vendors, and employees.

  1. maintaining daily records;

Daily, you may be required to prepare various reports at your workplace, including those regarding incidents, accidents, and security breaches. You should write a report properly and record them in the occurrence book or any other form.

  1. Familiar with locations;

Without a complete knowledge of the site, you cannot expect your team to perform their duties effectively. As a result, you should be familiar with the overall design of the premises.

  1. Regularly patrol and spot-check premises;

You should conduct Regular patrols in all parts of the facility, including activity rooms, public areas, outlets, and surrounding areas, to spot-check the security guards’ performance and other security-related matters.

5. Assisting Security Manager in handling incidents.

Security supervisor is the right hand of the security manager; you should give the information and some idea to handle the incident to the security manager, because you may know better than the manager about the particular incident that has occurred.

6. Conduct emergency response drills;

Every business or organization has a security policy that includes an emergency drill. An emergency drill is a rehearsal where all employees and visitors practice what to do in an emergency.

Depending on the company, the drill may take place once a month or every three months. You are responsible for conducting the drill during non-emergency situations.

7. Investigations and interviews;

If an incident happens, you should investigate it; when investigating, you must be aware of company policies and individuals’ rights under the law of the country while recording the statement.

8. Daily physical hazard/safety inspections

Each day, you should check for safety and security hazards; if you notice any equipment that is causing danger, you should report it to the appropriate department to fix it.

9. Monitor Closed Circuit Televisions and alarm systems.

The security supervisor must be familiar with the security systems, such as CCTV and an alarm system.

It is your duty to monitor the system to ensure the proper functioning and identify any unauthorized activities.

10. Assist visitors /employees during emergencies

You are the leader of the building’s evacuation in the event of an emergency; therefore, you should assist those in danger zones because you are familiar with the escape routes, exit doors, and their purpose.

11. Gather information and complete reports, and Maintain confidentiality.

You can gather information by coordinating with other security personnel and employees; you must write a report once you find an unlawful behavior.

Making the report is not important; it is critical to keep them secret, so you must maintain confidentiality.

12. Defuse disturbances by company policies and procedures

If a disagreement arises between security personnel and employees or between security personnel and visitors, you must resolve it by company policy.

13. Handle all interruptions and complaints

If a customer or employee makes a complaint, you should address it appropriately without escalating the situation. Try to find an acceptable solution; you can consult with the department that relates the issues.

14. Escort unwelcome persons from the property.

If an unauthorized person enters your premises, you should escort him or her until they exit.

15. Assist management in training

You can work with the management team to schedule training for security personnel and other employees. Which types of training they need you should recommend that.

16. Motivating and coaching employees.

You should motivate employees and encourage them to follow company policies and procedures. Inform them of the important points while they are on duty and help them to develop a positive attitude toward their jobs and themselves.

17. answer telephones using appropriate etiquette

When you answer the call, maintain a courteous and polite tone; avoid speaking as if you are ordering them.

18. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others

It is critical to maintaining positive relationships among team members; as a supervisor, you should encourage your team members to put their differences aside and work toward a common goal.

Not only should you play the role of security personnel, but you should also play the role of managing positive work relationships with other employees.

If there is an issue that may jeopardize the inter-personal relationship, you should try to resolve it as soon as possible.

19. support team to reach common goals

Listen to and respond appropriately to other employees’ concerns while emphasizing the job’s objective.

20. Risk assessment of asset

Each work environment contains dangers. You should conduct a risk assessment and ensure that appropriate preventative measures are in place to avoid incidents.

21. Visually inspect tools, equipment, or machines.

The technology used in the companies can become a hazard; you should inspect the equipment to ensure it is free of defects. When you discover a fault, you should contact the technician or other appropriate party to fix it.

22. Police liaison.

As a security supervisor, you should coordinate with public authorities such as police or law enforcement officers to facilitate the investigation if the incident requires additional investigation.

These are the duties and responsibilities and the security supervisor job description in the private security industries.

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